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Freshmen Flood Iowa’s Newest Depth Chart>

Written by Rob Howe

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz released his first depth chart of the season on Friday. Freshmen were prominent. Check it out.

  1. 8/26

    PTL Highlights & Evaluation: Christian Williams

    BY Rob Howe

    Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery is looking to Christian Williams to play point guard. We examine the possibility.

  2. 8/25

    Ike Boettger Bouncing Back from Frustrating Injury

    BY Rob Howe

    It was a bitter-sweet ’15 for Ike Boettger. His Hawkeyes reached historic heights but he battled a stubborn injury.

  1. 8/25

    VOTE: Does Coach Chris Doyle Make Too Much Money?

    BY Sean Neugent

    Iowa’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris Doyle’s salary conversation has led to controversy. We want to know what you think.

  2. 8/25

    Miller: College Athletes Are Already Being Fairly Compensated

    BY Jon Miller

    The mini-controversy surrounding Chris Doyle’s contract led to another discussion on how college athletes deserve to be paid. Jon Miller lays out how they are already being paid and have some enormous advantages.

  3. 8/25

    Former Hawkeyes Come to Chris Doyle’s Defense

    BY Rob Howe

    Some in the national media leveled criticism at Iowa for Chris Doyle’s salary. Former players came to his defense.

  4. 8/24

    PTL Highlights and Evaluation: Ryan Kriener

    BY Rob Howe

    Ryan Kriener sat out most of the PTL with an illness. He returned without missing a beat.

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