Hawkeyes Preparing for Europe

The Iowa men’s bsaketball team is preparing for their European tour and met with the media on Monday.

These items quotes Mel Basabe several times but the thing that rings through is how much he has enjoyed his time in Iowa City and that he is not taking his senior year for granted.

“New York, I have a lot of love there, but Iowa I just feel like is so easy and just comforting and enjoyable and a comfort zone,” Basabe said. “I just realized that more being home. Obviously I missed my family, but it’s just stuff here I don’t get (anywhere) else.”

Most people love reading quotes from people who are not from their state talk about their state in glowing terms. Those of us from Iowa have read or heard things like Basabe is saying as long as we can remember.  Even though the winters can be brutal, life is not too bad in Iowa and it’s nice to see others acknowledge it.  It’s also nice to see Basabe in a good frame of mind.  From his big time start that developed huge expectations to the body build up his sophomore year that didn’t work to the role of coming off of the bench last year and being an energy player for the Hawka; Basabe has proven to be flexible.

If Iowa is going to fly the way we think they can and maybe even should this year, Basabe will be right in the thick of it and right now he’s saying all of the right things and this summer may turn out to be a great motivator for him.

This feels like the right move, doesn’t it?  It’s certainly the right move with Mike Gesell on the sidelines with the injury and after what we saw in March and April in the NIT, the more Marble has the ball in his hands, the better things seem to flow.  He’s not a ball hog and as McCaffery has said repeatedly he doesn’t go hunting for shots, even though he shot the ball more than any other Hawkeye and by a wide margin during that NIT run.  He was hitting half of them and creating for the team.  He will garner a lot of attention this winter and he is the kind of player who will find the open man.  This is a good thing.

Peter Jok’s older brother plays for Penn, so that is a nice move.


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