Hoops Scholarship Situation

With the news that Jarrod Uthoff will be joining the Iowa basketball program, it’s a good time to take a look at Iowa’s scholarship situation moving forward.

Uthoff must sit out the 2012-2013 season and he sat out last year as a redshirt for Wisconsin. Players have five years to play four, so when Uthoff can play in 2013-2014, he will be have three years remaining. That will put him in the same class with Iowa’s incoming recruits Adam Woodbury, Mike Gesell, Kyle Meyer, Anthony Clemmons and Patrick Ingram.

Here is how Iowa’s roster will look this year as it pertains to scholarship players:

Senior: Eric May
Juniors: Zach McCabe, Devyn Marble, Melsahn Basabe
Sophomores: Gable Olsaeni, Aaron White, Josh Oglesby
Freshmen: Woodbury, Gesell, Meyer, Clemmons, Ingram

That is 12 players and May will be a senior, so the number of scholarships available to award is two. You give one of those to Uthoff who will be on scholarship in the fall of 2013 and that leaves just one more open slot. Let’s look at the roster from the standpoint of position beyond this season.

Center: Woodbury
Forwards: McCabe, Olaseni, Basabe, White, Uthoff, Meyer
Guards: Marble, Oglesby, Gesell, Clemmons, Ingram

Iowa could definitely use a slashing wing player who can shoot the ball. That would be my guess as to the direction Iowa goes with this one final ride. How about Peter Jok of Des Moines? Jok burst onto the scene a few years back and had some people thinking he would be the state’s next Harrison Barnes, but injuries have slowed him the past year.

One year from now, Iowa will have the scholarships of McCabe, Marble and Basabe to fill for the 2013-2014 class, so three rides available.

  • storminspank

    Iowa really needs to go grab that athletic, slashing, scoring 3.  He doesn’t need to be a great shooter, just needs to be able to slash/score.  If they can get that… watch out.

    • Hawkeye4ever

      Uthoff is a 3 spot great handles can run and shoot very well… He will be a big suprise- If Florida wants you which they really did you better be good- I think we need another big… A true center to back up Woodbury

  • Gabe

    I dunno how is Jok now? Are schools taking a wait and see approach with him now with his knee? Always scary taking a HS kid that’s already had his knee ripped up.

    • Hawkeye4ever

      Jok is not all that I call it early hype. The big schools have backed off him I do not think he is the one…. Maybe – Lohous from IC west he is only 6-1 now but wears a size 15 shoe he will be growing to maybe 6-5 to 6-7 with handles that would be nice… He is going to be a junior next year….

  • Tom

    Just one true center? What happens if Woodbury needs a breather or (shudder to think) his season comes to a premature end?

    • HNStaff

      That’s one more true center Iowa has had since…Erek Hansen? Jared Reiner?

      • Ed B

         I wouldn’t be too concerned, with guys like Olesani, Meyer and White.  No, they’re not “true centers,” but I think we’d be okay with them in there.

  • j.h.

    Jeremy Morgan!

  • Steve Sterner

    i realize this is a hoops story…but with the recent report coming out of PA, i now believe all Iowa rb’s are cursed.

  • Pete

    Akoy Agau?

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