Canzeri Tears ACL

March 29th, 10pm UPDATE: Rob Howe of spoke with Jordan Canzeri’s father Brian, who confirmed that Jordan suffered a torn ACL. His father suggests in the story, which you can read by clicking on the link, that Jordan may redshirt in 2012….also, a message board user put together a list of Iowa’s running back injury issues over the past decade or so. It’s mind boggling, to say the least.

There was a post on our forums this morning that suggested Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri had suffered an injury.

Here is what the post said: “Lives a few doors down from me. Saw him walking with crutches and a brace around his anke/knee. Not sure the severity of it, but wasn’t putting any pressure on the injured leg. Take it for what it’s worth.”

This afternoon, Marc Morehouse of The Gazette made the following tweets:

followed by this:

If it does turn out to be serious, it’s very bad news for an Iowa backfield that was already full of question marks after the transfers of Marcus Coker and Mika’il McCall from last year.

Let’s hope it’s nothing serious and just a tweak, but Iowa’s luck with things like this hasn’t been too hot. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Dwilkins

    does it get much worse for the Iowa backfield? Ever since Greene left, nothing but bad news has come out of that area, amazingly, we still have been able to produce somehow, that is gonna catch up to us at some point.

    • CoromandelHawk

      It already caught up with us in 2010 and in the bowl game last year.

  • Jpagefan

    Torn ACL and gone for 2012 season is what I heard.

  • Jonesy

    Not really, 09 was okay for the most part. It just didn’t seem all that great because we had two backs that combined couldn’t come close to what Greene did. Some other guys were injured and some weeks we didn’t have both guys, but still nothing crazy happened. But losing one the next year, and the other the year after really sucked. 

  • monkeymaster

    Knees, Knees, Knees, What is up with Iowa’s runnig backs and tearing up their knee’s ?
    I would sure think the staff would change or address the way the running backs condition their lower legs with all of the knee injuries.
    Are we snake bit or what ?

  • IowaHusker79

    I think just like the Cubs brought in a priest to undo the curse of the goat, maybe Iowa needs to consider something of that sort. Somebody, somewhere has put a curse on the running backs at Iowa. 

  • hawk9

    I wish Canzeri the best and a quick recovery.

  • IowaHusker79

    Was hoping Iowa would be at full strength when they host my Huskers. Still might be a good game. Might be. 

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