Clayborn Fires Up ISU

Remember Adrian Clayborn’s comments a few weeks back about expectations being an Iowa Hawkeye, and how ‘We are the only team in the state?’

We wondered how soon that would make its way to the Iowa State locker room…well, it happened pretty quickly according to Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register.

“It upset me,” defensive end Rashawn Parker said. “It’s like a slap in the face. As you could expect, someone’s posted it in the locker room.”

Iowa State comes to Kinnick on 9/11, so it’s better than going to Jack Trice in front of those comments. Iowa State’s defense appears shaky at best, and the Hawkeyes are the better team on paper with daylight.

However, in a game like this, little things can add up. Whether or not Clayborn meant to fire up Iowa State doesn’t really matter. Most of the Cyclones will take this comment as Parker took it, even though quarterback Austen Arnaud said that Clayborn was likely taken out of context. I suspect someone will ask Clayborn about this next week in Chicago while he sits at a table for 90 minutes entertaining reporters.

  • storminspank

    If players need “bulletin board material” to fire them up, they have bigger issues.

  • DP5555

    LOL Scroll up and look at that monster’s picture and then think to yourself “Do you think that that man cares whether or not ISU is fired up?”

  • tony0051

    Bulletin board material is way overrated. At this level with this rivalry there is no way to get guys to prepare or play harder. Don’t forget, this means that Clayborn better dominate in that game!

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  • hawkeye2188

    “Austen Arnaud said that Clayborn was likely taken out of context.” His quote sayse it all.

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