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A quick look around the world wide web from Monday and what people are saying about the Iowa football program.

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach has a good rundown of BCS & title game possibilities, and he compares Iowa & Cincinnati’s possible resumes.

“Based on schedule strength, the Hawkeyes seem to be in a much better position than the Bearcats. Iowa has played the country’s ninth-toughest schedule, according to the NCAA, and it’s getting a lot of mileage out of its nonconference victory over No. 22 Arizona and road win at No. 13 Penn State.”

Jon’s Take: Good to see how strong Iowa’s schedule is, and that it’s not going to fall too far beyond a Top 25 schedule for the season, nationally.  If the Hawks take care of business the rest of the way, and I know that is a big ‘if’, they would be right there knocking on the door for the BCS title game.  Can USC overtake them?  Possibly.  Could there be an SEC Title game rematch if Alabama and Florida win out?  Possibly, but the human poll voters can have a change of heart late in the process that would submarine such a thing, as was the case in 2006 with Michigan & Ohio State.  Would an undefeated Iowa overtake Cincinnati and Boise State?  If Iowa and Cincy win this week, Iowa will overtake the Bearcats in Sunday’s poll and they will gain ground on Boise State, as Cincy plays Louisville and Boise State plays Hawaii.  Boise State is as high as they are going to get, in my opinion.  Hey, it’s no longer far fetched to think about Iowa playing for all the marbles, and we aren’t the ones that play the games so we can go there.  Just don’t flip out if the Hawks lose.——

An Ohio writer things the Buckeyes missed out on Rick Stanzi

“If Ohio State coach Jim Tressel had to do it all over again, do you think he would have given Lake Catholic’s Ricky Stanzi more than just a look-see four years ago when he was a high school senior and had his offer from Iowa in his back pocket?”

Jon’s Take:  Hindsight is easy to look through, as the article suggests.  But Stanzi is a better version of Craig Krenzel, the Buckeyes QB that led the 2002 Luckeyes to a National Championship.  CK had 12 touchdowns to 7 interceptions that year and was a good game manager.  Yeah, that’s not the kind of thing a quarterback wants to hear associated with his name, but that is what he was and I am sure the glint off of his national title ring is still quite pretty.  $tanzi has more up$ide than did CK.  Yeah, I think the kid can get paid to play in a few years if he sheds the big mistake and doesn’t feel like he has to win every game for the Hawks.  The old adage of ‘letting the game come to him’ is a big deal, and if he does that the rest of this year, with this defense and punter Ryan Donahue, the big plays are going to be there for him in the second half.  But here is the thing, in fairness to Terrelle Pryor; Iowa has a better offensive line and a more seasoned group of pass catchers than do the Buckeyes right now, and it’s not often you can say that.

The Des Moines Register’s Sean Keeler hands out his midseason Big Ten awards and its a clean sweep for Iowa.

Jon’s Take:  Sean is no Hawkeye homer.  I don’t think he is a Hawkeye hater, either.  I don’t always agree with everything he writes, and I am sure that I have turned his stomach a time or two with some of the things I have written and said.  But Tyler Sash as Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year is a legit debate, while Kirk Ferentz as Big Ten Coach of the Year is a 3 to 1 lock right now.  Adrian Clayborn will make a run at Defensive Lineman of the Year, all three of Iowa’s linebackers would make either first or second team all conference and Rick Stanzi has First Team All Big Ten QB dead ahead of him if he can do no harm and the Hawks win the Big Ten title.  Here are the players I think would be given serious consideration for first team all league right now:  Amari Spievey (lock), Sash (lock), Angerer (lock), Clayborn (lock), Stanzi, A.J. Edds, Tony Moeaki (if he stays healthy, I think he will get it) and Kyle Calloway.  That is eight possible first teamers, and throw in Bryan Bulaga, Daniel Murray, Ryan Donahue, Brett Greenwood and Broderick Binns into the mix for second team, with several honorable mention possibilities.  To the victors go the spoils in these award categories, of course.

  • gdshawkeye09

    Great read Jon!

  • Christian


    Good stuff here, look forward to this type of “Commenting” on what’s being thrown outthere for hawkeyes to debate.

  • HawkFantastic

    It was pretty easy for Krenzel to be a ‘game manager’; he had the (infamous) Mo Clarrett. I’m not sure what Krenzel’s upside was or was not compared to Stanzi as Craig was SMART and maybe didn’t spend as much time studying QB as he did the academic persuits. Besides, Craig did play ‘in The League’ for a while even getting a start or two or…. with Da Bears.

  • jryansims

    I don’t think Clayborn is a lock. Assuming the first team line has two ends and two tackles, Schofield and Brandon Graham deserve spots too.

  • DYK88

    My take…
    ESPN article – it’s good to see the hawks getting quite a bit of coverage on that network the past couple weeks, and even more once the BCS standings came out. I think they are positioned very nicely at the moment. Take care of business, one game at a time.
    Stanzi article – my buddy emailed this to me yesterday, thot it was a very interesting read. I think this is what makes the Iowa coaches so great at recruiting. They find the guys with a ton of potential that fly under the radar, and then they coach them up. Call me crazy, but if Stanzi has a really good Sr season, I could see him drafted in the first couple rounds.
    Keeler article – I think he writes more negative about the hawks then positive and neutral combined. That’s all I have to say on that one.

  • Jimmy Henning

    I think the Hawkeyes are getting shafted in the polls, its very upsetting. Here we are having possibly the greatest season in the history of Iowa and I can’t enjoy it becuz we are being so incredibly disrespected by the polls. I think its clear that we are the best team in the nation and at the very least should be ranked #2 becuz after all, Florida is defending champions and they haven’t lost yet… never mind the fact they got the refs in their back pocket. And probably what upsets me more is when I hear people from Iowa disrespecting their very own team…. if people from Iowa aint gonna respect their team… why would the rest of the nation respect us?

  • Aaron T.

    Ok this is just in response to the last comment.. I have been a hawkeye since I was old enough to know the difference.. But the hawkeyes are not the best team in the country right now.. When I look at head-to-head match ups I see problems with a lot of the top 10 teams.. Don’t get me wrong I think they can play with ANY team in the FBS and keep it close and when that happens, more times than not they win, they have proven that by winning 5 games in this 10 game win streak by an average of 2.4 points. But to say they are THE best team in the country? I honestly think they can still prove that.. But they’re not there yet.

  • Jon

    Thanks for the compilation of pundit opinions.

  • Psyguy1540

    I see a lot of similarities between Stanzi and Kyle Orton at Purdue. I’d like to see a comparison of their stats through their junior years.

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