Ferentz Comments on Wegher

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz was on the Scott VanPelt show today on ESPN Radio, and confirmed that Iowa running back Brandon Wegher has been out of practice.

“Brandon Wegher has left camp. He’s working through some things personally, but we’re hopeful at some point here in the near future, he’ll rejoin our team.” More from Marc Morehouse of the Gazette

Ferentz has always played his cards close to the vest, and after having covered most of his public statements for his 11 years in Iowa City, I have found you can read into what he says just by the nature of the comment. In this instance, if Ferentz wasn’t optimistic about Wegher’s return, he would not have said ‘we hopeful at some point in the near future, he’ll rejoin the team.”

The use of ‘near future’ might be the most revealing aspect of his comment. That’s much more specific than just hopeful that he will be back with the team ‘at some point’.

I know some of you may think I am parsing his words too much, but again, Ferentz probably wouldn’t throw such phrases around idly. He has certainly used the term ‘optimistic’ or ‘hopeful’ in the past and things have not come to pass.

However, given what people have told me that I place trust in, I think Wegher stands a good chance of being available for Iowa’s season opener against Eastern Illinois. As Ferentz said, he is dealing with personal matters, and that’s all I will delve into or allow on this website.

Look at it this way; if Wegher decides to rejoin the team sometime next week, he would still have roughly two weeks of practice under his belt before the first game. While he is just a sophomore, you’d have to say given the amount of action he saw last year and how well he acquitted himself, that would be plenty of time to get ready to play. If not for EIU, then certainly for Iowa State, and Jewel Hampton will also be available for that game.

Iowa was going to be hard pressed to feed Adam Robinson, Hampton and Wegher significant carries. I know Wegher was asked to lose a little weight in the offseason in order to bring back some break away speed to his game, to be a change of pace to what Iowa has in Robinson and Wegher. Wegher could be used in several ways this year, given his ability to block in the passing game. When you can do that, run like he can and catch the ball, you become a Dave Megget-like option on some third down situations.

Of course, Wegher still has to decide if he wants to play football this year. All are hopeful and optimistic this will happen, and I believe Ferentz’s words spell a greater likelihood of that happened.

  • Thawki

    I find it interesting that BW is being asked to take some pounds off of his playing weight from last year. I was under the impression he was already down from his normal weight during the season last year because he had lost weight when he had mono and didn’t put it back on before the season started. I heard this from one source last year, but never from anyone else. I was under the impression his normal weight last year would have been ten pounds greater than what he actually played at.

    Can anyone verify this?

  • DP5555

    I can’t verify what his wait was supposed to be last year but at that time it was just him and ARob and both of them were unproven. I can see why the coaches may have wanted him to be a little bigger last year compared to this year because they didn’t have the depth and might have thought a little heavier weight would help absorb some of the impacts. He runs fast and doesn’t shy away from contact so with his frame he certainly takes a beating in the B10.

    The thing I find interesting is the comments Wegher made during Iowa’s media day regarding potential talk of him being in the slot for passing downs. He said that hadn’t been discussed at all. Although it’s certainly possible he was just not giving away some of their plans. If the coaches asked him to lose weight in order to gain speed you would think they are considering other ways to use him.

  • DP5555

    *what his “weight” was supposed to be^… my bad

  • tm3308

    #3 is out due to contract negotiations, as per DJK’s Facebook. Knowing DJK and his flair, I think it’s safe to take that as a joke. That plus Ferentz’s interview on the SVP show make me feel pretty confident that he will be back and playing from Day 1.

  • bwsmoney

    the last thing I’d have thought about Wegher last year was “he need to drop some lbs”

    the only reason you’d ask someone of his size to lose weight is to play in space.

  • Trojanhawk83

    I sure hope Brandon gets his act together soon also. However, if he were to have a reason to use his red-shirt season this year, I don’t think that would be so bad because all three of our top RB’s are sophomores at this point. Any way it works out, I think our running game will be good assuming the O-line comes together as we expect ot to. Go Hawks!

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