Ferentz Presser Highlights

Here are some quick highlights from Kirk Ferentz’s Tuesday press conference. A complete transcript will follow this afternoon.

  • louie

    put Daniels in there asap.what’s the perfect time.he should get 5-10 carries a game.quit thinking you owe Canzeri something and play the best guys.I think another Jewell Hampton.was are most talented back as freshman and never played.it happens all the time with Ferentz.get shumpert out of there too.he will cost us a game with drops before Ferentz gets a clue.just like Grigsby costing us Minnesota game in dome Tate’s last year.never learns.

  • Justin

    or like Coker did against Minn (fumble), or Brad Banks against ISU, or the entire defense in 2010. kirk only cares about players feelings and not winning. to bad we can’t hire one of the 70k div1 coach/ fans that show up every Saturday in IA city.

    • westsidebill

      Huh, Justin?

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