Game Notes: Iowa Tops Cats

Iowa (5-3, 2-2) defeated Northwestern (4-4, 0-4) today inside Kinnick Stadium, 17-10, in overtime.

Iowa is 6-3 all-time in overtime games, 2-1 inside Kinnick Stadium. Today was Iowa’s first overtime game at home since 2007 (W, 34-27 vs. Michigan State, Oct. 27, 2007).

Iowa scored touchdowns on its first and last possessions of the day.

Iowa opened the game with a touchdown drive for the second time this season and the second time in as many weeks. Iowa drove 74 yards on 14 plays, capped by a 3-yard touchdown run by RB Damon Bullock. The touchdown rush was Bullock’s first this season.

Iowa scored a touchdown on its first possession in overtime. The Hawkeyes went 25 yards on four plays. WR Tevaun Smith opened the drive with a 14-yard reception. TE C.J. Fiedorowicz closed the drive with an 8-yard touchdown reception.

Iowa was penalized just two times today. Iowa has committed three or fewer penalties in each of its last four games (Minnesota 1, Michigan State 3, Ohio State 3, Northwestern 2).

Iowa won the turnover battle for the fifth time this season. The Hawkeyes are 4-0 when winning turnover margin (Missouri State +1, Iowa State +1, Western Michigan +2, Minnesota +1, Northwestern +1).

Iowa held Northwestern scoreless in the first quarter. The Hawkeyes have held their opponent scoreless in the first quarter six times this season.

Iowa held its opponent scoreless in the first half for the fourth time this season (Missouri State, Iowa State, Minnesota, Northwestern). It marked the first time this season Northwestern was shutout in the opening half.

Iowa led 10-0 at half. The Hawkeyes have held a halftime lead in every game this season.

The Iowa defense recorded six sacks today, a season high.

Northwestern’s scoring drive in the fourth quarter (29-yard field goal) was the longest drive by an Iowa opponent this season (16 plays, 8:38).

K Mike Meyer kicked a 38-yard field goal in the first quarter, his 55th career field goal. Meyer ranks No. 2 all-time in career field goals. Only Nate Kaeding has more career field goals (67).

K Mike Meyer was successful on two PAT attempts, increasing his streak to 107 consecutive PATs, the fourth-longest active streak in the nation and fifth best all-time in the Big Ten.

K Mike Meyer scored five points today (1 FG, 2 PAT) to raise his career total to 291 points. He passed Rob Houghtlin (290) second place on the all-time scoring list. Only Nate Kaeding has more career points (373).

TE C.J. Fiedorowicz caught two passes today, including the eventual game-winning touchdown, to extend his streak of consecutive games with a reception to 26. Fiedorowicz has 76 catches for 321 yards over the last 26 games, and has caught all eight career touchdowns during the streak.

LB James Morris recorded eight tackles, including 2.5 for loss, two sacks, and recovered one fumble against Northwestern. Morris now has 357 career tackles. He moved past Matt Hughes (354) for No. 8 on the all-time. With his sack in the first quarter, LB James Morris became the first FBS player this season with at least three interceptions, three sacks, and 50 tackles.

The Hawkeyes have converted on 108 consecutive PATs without a miss or block, and 38 consecutive games without a missed or blocked PAT, the seventh-longest streak of any school in the nation.

The Iowa defense recorded six sacks today, a season-high and its highest total since recording six sacks against Florida International on Sept. 6, 2008.

Today’s sacks/yards
James Morris 2-5
Anthony Hitchens 1-1
Drew Ott 1-1
Louis Trinca-Pasat 1-1
Mike Hardy 1-1

Northwestern won the toss and elected to defer to the second half. Iowa has started the game on offense in 148-of-182 games under Kirk Ferentz, including five times this season. The Hawkeyes started on offense against Northern Illinois (L, 30-27), at Minnesota (W, 23-7), against Michigan State (L, 26-14), at Ohio State (L, 34-24) and against Northwestern (W, 17-10).

Iowa hosts Wisconsin on Saturday, Nov. 2 at 11 a.m. inside Kinnick Stadium.


Opening Statement: Obviously, congratulations to Iowa, they made the plays down the stretch that winners make and we didn’t. We put ourselves back in the second half and I thought we adjusted well. The two plays at the end of the game are inexcusable. The penalty and then fumbling the football, and then we went into overtime and we go in reverse on the first play and it looks like we blew protection on the fourth down play. So credit the Hawkeyes, they did a nice job but we have to get things fixed on offense. We’re beating ourselves, we’re not good enough, nobody in the country is good enough to beat two teams. You lose the turnover battle, very disappointing, very disappointing to say the least. We have to go back to work Tuesday like I know the guys will and find a way to get it fixed.

Q: Do you have any more buttons to push offensively?
A: Yeah, absolutely, I mean do your job and don’t get penalties. It was unbelievable the amount of penalties today. I’ll look at the tape on the bus ride home but it looked like guys just weren’t moving their feet and made some bad choices at the end of the game that hurt us. We were moving the ball, we had momentum, and that took us back 15 yards. You just can’t do that, especially after the quarterback has already run by the guy.

Q: Are guys spots on the line this week?
A: I’m not ready to answer those types of things. We need to win football games, that’s the bottom line. So, yeah my job is on the line. I’ll answer that, I’ll answer that. Every game is critically important so I’m not very happy right now.

Q: Will it be harder to get the guys going again?
A: I don’t think it will be harder to get them back but it’s hard to win and we have to do things that winners do.

Q: How do you think Colter looked today?
A: I thought he played his tail off, I thought he played like a warrior. I thought he played possessed; he was out there trying to make every play. I’m really proud of him.

Q: What adjustments were made after the first drive from Iowa?
A: We didn’t make any adjustments; we just talked about how to control our gaps. I thought at times we did a really good job and at other times we got reached by two guys. You can’t do that and expect to win.

Q: About the end of the game.
A: We were playing to win the game. We wanted to see what happens, we got a third down stop and they were kicking into the wind so you knew they were going to have to go for it. It’s catch 22.

  • james randolph

    Congrats to the Hawkeye players for a gutty win over the nemesis that NW has become. Great TD toss by Rudock in OT, and great end of game stop by the D. And Kinnick sounded a little like classic Kinnick during the OT for the first time since Wisconsin and the fake punt in 2010. But the fundamental flaws in the Iowa program, sadly, are still prominent, and they begin and end with KF. Iowa’s players are handcuffed by the ultraconservative, unimaginative, inflexible Kirk Ferentz coaching staff. And that’s a terrible, terrible shame.

    Bottom line:
    * Throw the ball to Powell, long and short and medium, He was open all over the field today, but Rudock hardly ever even looked his direction.
    * Throw the ball to the TEs all day long (remember OSU?)
    * Run some I-formation and split backs and use quick hitters and counters and other misdirection instead of the plodding stretch play that everyone flows to and knows how to defend
    * Run at least TWO trick plays EVERY game: the flea flicker is good, and how about doing it with Beathard? How about getting Beathard and his arm in the game for a halfback pass or two? He can throw the deep ball that Rudock still struggles with. How about a fake punt, Kirk? How about going on 4th down from the opponents’ 40?
    * How about not using 3 TOs in the first quarter?
    * How about making halftime and in-game adjustments?
    * How about having some fun, man? Smile! You take sadistic joy in reminding fans “it’s just a game,” and then you treat it like it’s life and death–mostly death. Not cool.

    And one more thing: Next week is the infamous “black out” game. I say wear white or red or green and keep doing so until Kirk, “It’s only a game,” allows Iowa to put a giant Tiger Hawk at midfield of Kinnick. That’s symbolic of how ultraconservative Kirk is–he’s the only coach in America who won’t allow a logo at midfield. Is that crazy or what? Get with it, Kirk–even Hawkeyenation Jon sounds like he’s fallen far, far off the bandwagon.

    • HNStaff

      how can they throw the ball to the tight ends all day long AND throw the ball to Powell long, short and medium?

    • westsidebill

      I believe that Greg Davis is more than capable of creative offensive gameplanning and playcalling IF he’s allowed to do so. It’s the “allowed to do so” part that is tough. It’s the gameplanning and game management out of fear that has bitten Iowa in rear a majority of the time in close games under KF’s tenure – a fact well-reported by Hawkeyenation over the past 3 years.

    • harv01

      I don’t know if any of you “we’re too inflexible” geniuses has noticed but KF’s offense is more or less identical to Nick Saban’s/Alabama’s. Not such bad company. The Clones are living proof that a program can be flexible and trendy (and the coach fiery) and get blown off the field time after time. Want to take a chance on that? A decade and a half after similarly unthoughtful geniuses convinced the administration to run off Tom Davis, our b-ball program is just now getting back to where Dr Tom left it. We’ve averaged one BCS level bowl every 10 years since 1950. KF is ahead of that pace and hopefully will do even better in the future

      • westsidebill


        Um, you apparently haven’t noticed that Saban has some of the finest talent in the land running his pro-style offense. Comparing his/KF’s offensive styles are fine IF both are producing. Unless this is your first internet experience, it’s been discussed ad nauseam for over 5 years how mediocre KF’s offenses have been for most of his time in Iowa City. Without taking these TINY factors into account, your post is incredibly laughable and lacks credibility.

        • harv01

          Westsidebill, whining for 5 years doesn’t build credibility. At the end of the day talent that’s well coached will commonly beat less talent that’s also well coached. No rational observer of Hawkeye football will say year in and out that our talent is anywhere near Ohio State as a Big Ten example) or Alabama. KF’s recruiting has been harmed by substandard facilities and our team has suffered.I’m not happy about that either. But talent deficit is the issue right now, not style of offense

  • Qchawkeye

    Anybody else tired if hearing…waaaaaaaaa this team isnt winning the way i want them to. Waaaaaaaa why cant they run the plays i want them to. Waaaaaaa this coach sucks i know how i would coach this team. WE WON. If you don’t like what u r seeing close ur eyes. Turn off the tv and stop going to the games. Its what great about this country you have a choice. Love it or leave it. On Iowa!!

    • Finally

      So if an opinion isn’t the same of yours that person should just shut up? Seems rather ridiculous. But the best part is the “Turn off the tv and stop going to the games. Its what great about this country you have a choice. Love it or leave it.” Absolutism masked as choice..the calling of the intellectually inferior. No team under any circumstances is immune from criticism, it’s what makes sports great. If Iowa was 7-0 and won 56-0 there would still be reason to examine what could be done to be better, that’s what makes us better people and better at what we do.

      • Qchawkeye

        If iowa was 7-0 and already beat mich state, won at ohio state and just beat nw 56-0 there wouldnt be anybody posting negative comments about this team. You and i would be making plans for a bcs game. Saying all we have to do is get by wisc. And i didnt tell anyone to shut up. I said don’t watch. Find something better to do. Read a book. Start a garden. Whatever makes them happy.

    • Jim

      I am the first to agree a win is a win. I can’t speak for the other cry babies you are referring to but my cries are ones of frustration.

      Today we saw the return of Iowa Football as we have come to know it – a team where the defense keeps an inconsistent offense in the game.

      Which is ok as long as you accept the reality that with that style of play the Hawks will never have a season record better than 7-5. And when they do accidently luck out and have an 8-4 record we will herald it as a great season and state, “wait until next year when oh boy we’ll really build on that.”

      Which if these are you expectations – then their style of play is perfect.

      My point of frustration is that this team, this year, is better than that.

      It is not from lack of talent, commitment from the players, facilities, fan base, etc. We have all that. And yet some how we accept mediocrity. When you don’t perform
      up to your potential – yes I get frustrated and to some that sounds like sour grapes.

      Michigan State beat us and beat us good. I can live with
      that. The Ohio State loss came down to one player – Braxton Miller. The teams were evenly matched, we performed on the road better than I can remember, and they had the one game changer player. I don’t like that – but I can accept it.

      What I cannot accept is a team that is capable of putting up 21 point before half-time in Saturday’s game and having to go to over time to win.

      What is frustrating is listening to fans, as I exited the stadium, say what a great game it was. This was an exciting game – not a great game.

      We won – yep sure did and in so doing reinforced that mediocrity is ok.

      • harv01

        So, you are kidding about the points that it is not for a lack of talent and facilities, right? I’m not aware of a single 4/5-star WR or RB or DE or CB on our roster. Kinnick Stadium, while a truly fine facility seats 35, 000-45, 000 fewer than OSU, PSU & UM stadiums. I’ve seen the practice facility at Norman, OK. Ours will arguably catch us up, But KF & Staff have had recruiting handicapped for 10 years by shoddy facilities

    • westsidebill

      You must be new to the interwebs Qchawkeye. People have long been frustrations Jim mentions below. If you choose to cheer all things Iowa, more power to you – it doesn’t make you a “better” fan, but rather a blind one. That’s OK too if you choose to be that fan. Others wish for something more sustainable for the long haul and find it frustrating when the foundation is there but the leadership doesn’t seem to be putting the all the pieces together as their title indicates they should be doing – or should have done years ago.

      Again, name-calling doesn’t make your point more credible nor any stronger.

      • Qchawkeye

        I agree with most of the posts that go up about the program . Especially you’re last post. But its the ones that say we should boycott a game unless we put a tigerhawk on the 50 that get me going. Those are the people and posts that come across as childish.

        • westsidebill

          Yes, those are assinine and I question the age/sobriety of the people that post those types of items.


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