Hawkeyes Open Practice TweetCap

You’ve heard of a recap; this is a Hawkeyes tweetcap. Tweets from observations related to Iowa’s open practice from Saturday, August 17th. If you want to view these in chronological order, start at the bottom. I will add some comments beneath some of the tweets.

Marc Morehouse said as much on a podcast earlier this week, re: Rudock is the #1. It would appear my gut feel for Sokol eventually being the guy could turn out to be indigestion. By the way, he and Scott Dochterman do a podcast called ‘On Iowa’. You can find it on iTunes. If you do podcasting and you are a Hawkeye fan, chances are you already have it. If you don’t, you’re welcome.

As you’ll read below, Powell is a playmaker. He joined the program in early August after completing his junior college academic work. Iowa needs playmakers at receiver. They may have found one.

You’ll read more about Daniels below…and last week Marc Morehouse said in a podcast that he had heard Daniels was moving up the depth chart. At 6-0/215 as a true frosh, the kid has the size. Dare we say it, but Iowa has…wait…no. Let’s not wake AIRBHG.

Wide receiver is the most inexperienced positon on the team and perhaps as low on experience as any Iowa WR corps under Kirk Ferentz…considering that most of Iowa’s WR corps under Ferentz have been underwhelming, that says a lot. But then there is this tweet, one minute before the above:

I guess it’s to be determined.

To the uninitiated, ‘Vines’ are six second videos…like tweets for videos.

Well, this is a good thing considering what we saw from Iowa’s wide receivers back in April. Powell is a welcomed addition, to be sure.

One to file away…hope that is not the case.

Bullock isn’t going to get as many RB touches this year…was in the slot most of the day on Saturday, which is where he started his Iowa career. They had him doing things mostly at WR as a true frosh then had to move him to RB due to AIRBHG.

Line of the day there; Law being Nico Law

He will redshirt this year unless there is a catastrophe

  • Thomas Wenndt

    What in the world is this? Half-sentences and non-sensicals. If this is how I’m supposed to track what is going on, I guess I’m going to have to make sure I watch every game and practice live.


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