Hawkeyes: Preseason Depth Chart

Many of Kirk Ferentz’s depth charts are not worth the paper they are printed on.  The depth chart Iowa rolls out this time of year, though it is printed in the media guide, is of similar value.

That said, it is the first true depth chart of the year and it is embedded below.  When you look at the quarterback line and see names separated by /, it means no starter has been defined.  Names separated by commas are instances where one player has a starting advantage over another.

  • Bill

    Asterisks are letters, right? How does Weisman NOT get a letter for last year?

    • jc

      Must be a typo about the letter for Weisman. It happens. I hope Cameron Wilson ends up on the depth chart or somewhere in the rotation at WR + doesn’t transfer. He looked real good + smooth in the spring game or whatever it’s called. WR seems to always be the position IA needs more talent/help at. Losing a true receiver that can actually run routes, catch the ball cleanly/consistently, get open, + turn it up field would hurt. He has decent size too. The smaller/quicker WR they recruited this yr. suit the shorter route offense they want to run; they probably won’t be ready this yr though. If Jordan Cotton doesn’t step up at WR + Wilson doesn’t play IA is in for a repeat of last yr in my opinion. The Juco WR Powell isn’t here yet and they start with N. ILL who went to the Orange Bowl right? The no huddle is a good change at least. Hey, and so far the RB’s are healthy or haven’t been arrested or accused of any legal issues. Praise the Lord! I still think they’ll miss Keenan Davis (his size/speed/talent; even though he had the drops disease and fit the old offense more than the new.) O’Keefe sure landed on his feet coaching in MIA with the WR getting Mike Wallace to sign + even got McNutt to sign on as a free agent/practice player. Apparently he knew what he was doing at IA also after all. Don’t know what you’ve got til you lose it maybe. I personally hope Ruddock is the QB this year. He looks to be the most consistent/least likely to hurt the team QB of the bunch + I think he’s pre-med or something so he has to be smart right and probably won’t get into legal trouble. LOL. Thanks for reading the book.


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