Iowa Football: Northern Illinois Two-Deep

The first Iowa ‘Game Week’ two deep roster is out. Here it is

Here are some quick thoughts…

Conor Boffeli moves back to the center on the chart, backing up James Ferentz. He had been in RG mix in camp.

Austin Blythe is a starter at RG. Some wonder if he might be the starting center next year and starting at that position in the NFL.

Four true freshman make the list; Greg Garmon and Mike Malloy at RB, Connor Kornbrath at P and Kevin Buford at cornerback.

Don’t get caught up with Darian Cooper as a backup…he’ll play a lot of reps and there will be a significant rotation on the DL.

Ray Hamilton is listed at the backup tight end over Zach Derby, who is a senior and started last year. THAT is interesting.

Jacob Hillyer is listed as a backup WR and no mention of Don Shumpert.

Mark Weisman is listed as the #1 fullback ahead of Brad Rogers, but Rogers has been dinged up and wearing the red jersey during camp.

25 of 47 position players on the two deep roster are sophomore’s or younger. That includes 5 of 10 offensive linemen. 8 of the 10 offensive linemen have eligibility for next year. Each of the five starters listed hails from the state of Iowa.

Iowa lists seven senior starters, the fewest of any roster in the Ferentz era.

13 of the 47 position players listed are from the state of Iowa.

  • 95Hawkeye01

    Brad Rogers on the second team? Is he hurt or is Weisman better?

    • HNStaff

      Rogers has had the red jersey on quite a bit in camp

  • Grady

    Confirms my thoughts that Iowa is still a year or two away from being a BTen contender. TE Hamilton has to get in the games and get some experience after wasting his FR year like CJF did. Too bad if FB Rogers can’t play. Glad to see Staggs make the 2-deep…not a burner, but Iowa desperately needs a 3rd down possession receiver who never drops a pass and at 6’3″ he can get the job done.

    • HNStaff

      How did Hamilton and CJF waste their freshman years? Do you realize how few four year starters and/or high contributors for four years there are in college football? Very few.
      Jon Miller
      (from my iPhone)

      • Larry Flint

        I agree. These days, if you have a really talented guy who redshirts … there’s now an increasing likelihood that he’ll bolt early. Thus, it seems to me that playing a guy as a TR FR doesn’t really reduce the number of years that a guy will necessarily stick on campus.

  • benmark37

    Nice to see the Malloy kid on the two-deeps. Good, smart kid…works hard. Sould be a pleasant surprise the next few years.

  • Larry Flint

    In the thread on this subject, I noticed that Jon rebuked Montanahawk for taking a bit of a “homer” slant on the ’12 DL. Montana essentially asserted that he could see the ’12 DL surpassing the ’11 DL.

    What I don’t believe Jon or some others are accounting for is the nature of learning or team in football, especially as it relates to DL play. First off, learning in football results when guys are willing to focus on the little pictue, work on getting down their fundamentals, and they get a chance to work on and improve their consistency both in games AND in practice. Coaching and health are pretty central to helping players make the necessary improvements. Also, making such improvements are that much easier when you know what to expect from the guys around you … when you can trust the guys around you to do their job.

    Furthermore, the cliche “the whole is more than the sum of its parts” still is completely true. The point there being that not everybody on the DL has to be a superstar for the DL to be a disruptive force. If you look at the ’04 DL, it ranks up there as one of Iowa’s very bests … and, despite that, as a group the unit essentially had no depth and only 2 of the guys were legit stars.

    Anyhow, much of this really illustrates how critical health, personnel continuity, and coaching is on the DL. If you look at the ’11 DL, the group enjoyed little to no personnel continuity even through camp just prior to the season. Mike Daniels was fully healthy and effective for probably a maximum of one-third of the ’11 season. Lebron Daniel had injury issues throughout the pre-season and the season. We were counting on Carl Davis being able to contribute on the interior … and his pre-season injury rendered him hobbled throughout the entire season. Alvis had a season ending injury against Michigan. Heck, even Nardo missed action … to make matters worse, that happened just as he was starting to really make an impact for us!

    Binns really seemed to have a fine SR campaign … however, that stellar and consistent effort didn’t even come close to countering the adversity that the DL faced. And, to add insult to injury, the morale of the unit wasn’t high either because Coach K’s coaching style wasn’t really conducive for that.

    From the observations that “gamefilm” has made about the progress made by the DL, that is suggestive that the DL has enjoyed reasonably decent health throughout camp (knock on wood). Furthermore, considering the precedent that Coach Morgan has already set on the OL … I think that we know that he’s a great teacher AND he’s a guy who will emphasize fundamentals and “team” to the guys on the DL.

    Thus, given the above, if the current DL can enjoy good health and personnel continuity, I see there being no reason why the ’12 DL couldn’t exceed the ’11 DL. In fact, if the group can enjoy good health and personnel continuity, then I’d be genuinely surprised if they didn’t develop into one of the better defensive lines of the Big 10 by the end of the season. After all, didn’t the ’05 Iowa DL develop pretty darn favorably as the season progressed? And, mind you, the ’12 DL isn’t nearly as undersized or inexperienced as the ’05 group was!

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