Is Jim Herrmann Iowa's Next Defensive Coordinator?

Norm Parker retired as Iowa’s defensive coordinator in early December.  The job posting date has been pushed back at least two times since then. This has led to a great deal of speculation as to what Kirk Ferentz may have in mind for this position.

Early on, I felt that Iowa would hire either Phil Parker or Ron Aiken.  Aiken signed a contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals last month, so that seemed to take him out of the mix.  Parker is right down the hall from Ferentz, but if he was going to be the next DC at Iowa, you think Iowa would have made that announcement in January as to fend off any negative recruiting that could come from an open coordinator position.

Late Sunday night, new Iowa defensive line commit Jaleel Johnson posted the following on his facebook timeline:

Johnson added in the comments section under the post “Im hearing it’s a strong possibility. I’m hoping and praying so.”

Who knows if Johnson has the ‘inside scoop’ on this one, but but lacking any concrete leads, it’s something to consider.

NOTE:  Later on Monday Johnson posted this on his Facebook page:  “I made a mistake .. I’m not 100% sure who iowa’s new defensive coordinator there has been rumors going around about it”

The New York Giants linebackers coach in question is Jim Herrmann. Herrmann spent 20 years at the University of Michigan. He was a member of Bo Schembechler’s first Rose Bowl winning team in 1980 and would later spend nine years as the program’s defensive coordinator under Lloyd Carr. His time as Michigan DC would also overlap with the time that Iowa receivers coach Erik Campbell was on staff at Michigan.

Keep in mind that Ferentz and Carr have had a great relationship. Carr sat in a University of Iowa suite during the Michigan-Iowa game in 2009. This ticked off a lot of folks up in Michigan, who felt this was a total slap in the face to Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan program. Carr’s last year at Michigan was the 2007 season.

It would not surprise me if we find out that Ferentz called on Carr to discuss his vacant coordinator position. I am sure Ferentz reached out to several people as he has considered making this hire, and Carr would likely be near the top of the list of confidants.

The fact that Iowa has pushed the job posting date back several times would coincide with the notion that Iowa was looking to hire someone who was still active in the NFL, meaning their season was still in play. The Giants won the Superbowl on Sunday night, and now their season is over. Ferentz said last week that he’d name the new coach this coming Wednesday, which was after the Superbowl. Those facts line up well.

The good news is we only have to wait two more days before Ferentz names the new coordinator…or at least that is what Ferentz said at last week’s signing day press conference.

IF it’s Herrmann, or anyone outside the current staff, Ferentz will have to mend a few fences in house, namely with Parker and Darrell Wilson who would have been passed over.

  • James Kalina

    In house or outside the program Coach Ferentz needs to go with the most qualified available candidate.  The DC position is too important not to get it right the first time.

  • Gabe

    I agree Ferentz can’t worry about stepping on toes he HAS to get it right. These guys are all coaches at the D1 level they know it’s not personal it’s buisness. Getting him and either Caldwell or Long to run the O would go over pretty well in Hawkeye Nation I would think…. Could  be wrong.

  • Jimmieharms

    I think Jim Herrmann would be a great hire and I would be very delighted if that was the case.  If it was Parker being named it would have came a month ago.  Thats why at first I thought it would be Aiken.  As for the Offensive side I would not bet on Chuck Long and I believe this would NOT excite most of Hawkeye Nation, especially those of us who has followed Chuck’s coaching career.  He would not even be in my top 5 and would be an extreme failure on Kirk’s part if he seeks out Long.  I love Chuck, don’t get me wrong, but his last 5 years in the coaching ranks hasn’t been something to brag about.

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