Mizzou State Recap: Winning Beats Losing

Winning beats losing. Every. Single. Time.

That said, some wins feel better than others and this win for Iowa, while it snapped a seven-game losing streak, feels a bit hollow. It looks more hollow than it probably was.

Iowa beat Missouri State 28-14 in a game they led 7-0 at the half. The offense wound up gaining 489 yards on the day and they ran 86 plays, which is about 20 more than the per-game-Ferentz-era average. They had 25 first downs and were 7-14 on third downs. 296 total yards rushing on the day. Those raw numbers are solid totals.

The other side of the coin shows Iowa having eight 11 penalties for 100 yards and they also had a 3rd and 1 inside the ten-yard line that went for a false start (another QB sneak mishap) and Iowa wound up missing a 32-yard field goal. They also had at least four drops in the first half.

Did Iowa leave points on the table? Yes. Half of MSU’s 14 point total came on a pick six. I picked this game to be 38-0 and 38 feels about right for this game and most of the damage was done in the second half.

The defense did a great job, holding the Bearcats to under 200 yards on the day and just allowing one score. They blitzed early and often on third down…it got to the point where you knew the blitz was coming and Iowa’s linebackers were hurrying throws all day long. Iowa State is going to have a lot to look at from this tape in advance of next week’s game, which may wind up setting a record for punts in a Cy-Hawk contest; I’ll set the over/under at 17.5.

11 different players caught passes for Iowa. While that is ‘ok’ I’d like to see Iowa get into some type of rhythm. Iowa found the tight ends on this day, which was nice to see given how out of the mix they were one week ago and most of last season; they grabbed seven catches for over 100 yards. Mark Weisman had 180 yards on 30 carries and he was still carrying the ball on Iowa’s last drive and even the last play of the game, up 14…

First, why are you running Mark Weisman on the last drive of the game? Why are you running him on the last play of the game? Those are things that are just mildly irritating, given Iowa’s running back health issues through the years and the fact Adam Robinson was in the game against Michigan State in the 4th quarter in 2010 with Iowa up by four touchdowns and he had to miss the next few weeks with a concussion and was really never himself again and barely around again. The fact he had to run it 30 times against Missouri State is enough of a concern.

As I am going back over the stat sheet while I write this, a part of my mind (perhaps the homer section) is saying ‘They had nearly 500 yards of offense, they ran 86 plays, had over 100 yards in penalties, there were four drops and a missed field goal, the tight ends got back in the action and Jake Rudock looked good again.’

I think all of those things are true, but it’s really hard to come away from that singular performance and feel all that great about it, as Iowa is having challenges turning drives into points again this year. I hope the fact that the starters had to play the entire game will pay dividends next week from the experience point of view.

I was having trouble putting my finger on what this game felt like, until I came across this tweet from Scot Northern: “This win feels like taking your cousin to prom. Sure, you had a date for prom, but are you really proud of it?”

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  • jason

    oh no, we suck again pretty much sums it up. gonna get real ugly when the real games start.

  • NoFuninIowaCity

    Sorry to admit it, but I told you well ahead of this fiasco — No matter how you spin it, this is an embarrassment, a joke on Iowa fans and players.

    Jon, not only was Weisman IN the game at the end and had 30 carries against a team UNI beat last year 38-13, BUT Iowa remains the ONLY team in the known universe that has played its starting QB EVERY down for 14 consecutive games. And some people want to claim Ferentz can still coach? Coach what?

    Hey, Iowa went for it on 4th and 1 at the goal line, but Missouri State turned them back. So now Kirk can feel smug as he sarcastically explains why he doesn’t go for it on 4th and short: It doesn’t work–at least not at Iowa.

    Frankly, Canzeri and Daniels look like our best backs, although I love Weisman. That kid Vanderberg, #89, looks like another Ed Hinkel. But he won’t catch anything or gain any YAC sitting on the bench…which is exactly where DS should be. I’m sorry. That young man is not a reliable receiver. He’s played his way out of the lineup, but they keep running him out there anyway…

    I don’t know anything about CJB, but if it were ME, I’d be steamed that I couldn’t even get into the Missouri State game at QB, especially after how things went down last year at the position. I would be asking Mr. Google to help me find a school to transfer to.

    If the QB competition was as close as Kirk claims, then there’s NO excuse for not having game planned, regardless of score, for the backup QB to play at least a quarter. Is that too much to ask against a lower-level FCS team? It is if you’re little old, bad, embarrassing Iowa apparently…

    • westsidebill

      WHy the love for Canzieri? What has he EVER done to earn such devotion? I don’t get it.

  • TheNebraskaHawk

    Jon, seriously, where is the glass half full attitude? We won by two touchdowns while still making all of the mistakes that you have pointed out. The mistakes are all correctable and KF has shown the ability to get his players to correct mistakes many times over the years. While not pretty, there were way more positives than you pointed out. Heck, if the spot on Wisemans fourth down goal line run had been correct (It was not, as I have replay the video three times) the team would have had four downs to make a yard and a half…a touchdown at that point would have changed the dimension of the game considerably. The team broke a 7 game losing streak for goodness sake…stay positive…

    • westsidebill


      John is correct in his tone. KF’s teams haven’t improved over the course of the season but ONE TIME since the end of 2004. ONCE. You need to stop living in the past and realize that outside 1 1/2 seasons since 2005, Iowa has become a mediocre program.

  • CedarFallsGuy

    Jon, winning a game like this is far worse than losing a close game to a Top 20 team. No comparison. That some folks try to spin this win is evidence enough of how horrible the Iowa football program has become. Please. Find the football version of Fran McCaffery — the new Hayden Fry — and get him here yesterday. This program is as bad, and given the context, worse than it was under Frank, 0-11, Lauterbur. But then, Frank never got a chance to play the likes of Ball State, E. lllinois, or Missouri State.

  • Yesmaybedoh

    If rudock runs crazy and doesn’t slide during the big ten season then he is going to need a golf cart at the ready

  • Chris

    Did anyone catch the other big tens games where even former cellar dweller Illinois (no longer thanks to us) destroyed their inferior opponents? Well except for MSU which is pretty much our crappy offense plus an NFL defense.

  • Grady

    It’s OK, just say it: having Weisman in the game at the end was simply stupid coaching, which everyone watching the game noticed. Numerous pee-wee league volunteer coaches could figure that out.

  • Nate

    This actually makes me feel a little more optimistic

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