Statistically Speaking

You like stats? Here are some for your Hawkeyes through five games.

  • jeffbuck

    Well that was entertaining data, I must say.

  • Louie

    We have to be one of worst teams in red zone efficiency .need to refine play calling.notice we score TDs when we throw on 1st or 2 nd down.also,rudock wasn’t good enough to sniff field last year when we had worst QB in nation.Worst coaching in a season I have ever seen.

  • Jordan

    How is everything at home, Louie? You are a negative SOB.

    • Louie

      Things are great!just had a new baby boy.the only down thing is my Steelers blow.i just don’t drink the kook- aid n call it how I see it.

  • Jnel32

    Seriously? We have reason to be haters with this? It’s not about the past but what have you done for me lately type world we live in…and lately…I’ll take what Coach Ferentz and his staff have done! I agree with Jordan wholeheartedly…..grouchy SOB!

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