Steele Not High on Hawkeyes

Phil Steele released his 2013 All Big Ten teams on Monday, all four of them. You can read the entire list at this link.

Here is Steele’s first team…tell me what you don’t see:

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 10.01.28 PM

Here is a hint: No Hawkeyes.

Steele had two Hawkeyes on his 2012 All Big Ten 1st Team; Micah Hyde and Keenan Davis. I remember writing that it was the first time I could recall Steele not having an Iowa defensive lineman on one of his four teams and Steele proved to be right there.

What I find to be interesting this year, in addition to no Hawkeyes on the first team (Brandon Scherff, anyone?) is his inclusion of Carl Davis on his SECOND team. That Carl Davis…the one who plays for Iowa.

Davis flashed this spring and he might have been the MVP of the Spring Game. Still, he’s been mostly M.I.A. these past two years. He’s had some injury issues and he’s had some technique issues. If Davis lives up to this sort of billing, the 2013 Hawkeyes could surprise a few people.

Back to Scherff; If there are four offensive tackles better than Scherff, I’d like to see them. Perhaps Scherff got knocked down due to his injury. What is also interesting is Austin Blythe listed a 4th team center.

Look, it seems silly squabbling over ‘fourth team’ and all that, but is Blythe the fourth best center in the Big Ten? That seems a stretch considering he hasn’t played center for Iowa in a Big Ten game.

Regardless of your thoughts, when we see something like this, one thing is for certain; football is coming.

  • David

    Cotton was the first team kick returner, for what it’s worth.

  • AJS

    No CJF?


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