Three Hawkeye Things for May 10th

Pat Harty writes an interesting story on Brad Banks in Hawk Central today. Banks had one shining moment, or one great season…for that 2002 campaign and improbably Heisman runner up finish, he’s an Iowa legend forever. If you were too young to recall that season, give this a read and familiarize yourself with a player who was one of the most fun to watch in Iowa history and a guy who had one of the greatest seasons ever enjoyed by an Iowa quarterback playing on one of the three best Iowa football teams in history.

Gary Barta was on College Football Live talking about the Big Ten’s ‘No FCS’ decision. It sounds as though Iowa may try to keep their scheduled games with UNI but won’t add anymore going forward. I don’t want to pick nits with Barta, but this quote seems worthy: “..they’ve (UNI) beaten many Big Ten programs…” Many? Going back 30 years, I wouldn’t even use the phrase ‘they’ve played many Big Ten programs.’ They played Wisconsin last year and have played Iowa several times. Then the next team from the Big Ten was Minnesota in 1987, which is 26 years ago, and they lost that one. I looked at their games back to the late 1960’s and stopped there. UNI is a great FCS program, but they haven’t beaten ‘many’ Big Ten teams. Any?

Kirk Ferentz had a simple message for his players: If you want to play night games, win more games. ““One thing about sports — if you win, good things come with it,” Ferentz said. “When you lose, it’s not so good. It’s simple. It’s a level playing field. Go win.” I am sure Kirk was talking to himself and the coaching staff, too and not just leveling last year’s poor results at the level of his players. While football is a lot about execution, it’s still some about choosing not to attack vertically downfield and trying to mesh what you have done on offense for 14 years with what your newly hired offensive coordinator has done for longer and having the results be one of the worst Iowa offenses in the modern era. If that doesn’t change (ie if Greg Davis isn’t given the keys to the good car, not the grocery getter), then Iowa not being on in prime time is probably a good thing.

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  • westsidebill

    I, like most, are highly skeptical that Davis will get anything more than the “coffee and donuts car” from Ferentz. That being said, last year’s model wasn’t even fit for coffee….I, like many others, also believe that Ferentz believes that it’s just about execution HIS way = i.e. scheme, talent, etc. doesn’t matter. That mantra last worked in 2004; 2009 doesn’t count because Iowa had overwhelming talent and SHOULD have been that good then and in 2010. However, we all know how THAT turned out.


    Same old same old. 5-7 next year. Another sit at home new year for ol Kirk. but he will have a heck of a christmas. Thanks to Barta… thanks ol buddy.. give him some more money…

  • jeffbuck

    I don’t know many people that were happy w/ the extremely conservative KF offensive approach after 2011. I was plenty sick of it. Anyway, he and/or Barta did indeed hire a new OC w/ a ton of experience and success with other, more adventuresome offenses. He promptly imposed a new look this past year — why else bring him here? — and the results were chaotic, at least in the passing game. We hope w/ a year of Davis under our belts and a new QB, things will get better. I don’t see anything too awful in all this, and we absolutely do not know at this point but what one of the three QB candidates will break out of the pack in actual combat conditions and effectively lead the new offense, given some time. Alternatively, we could all be killed…. Anyway, the only bone I have to pick about Davis is why we came with the new guy going into VDB’s senior year. Why not defer the change to the year after VDB. Seemed like kind of a waste of VDB. Oh, another bone: Why in Heaven’s name would you have VDB take every single freaking snap all year long? That’s just strange.

  • Larry Flint

    Choosing NOT to attach vertically? While Davis and Ferentz get thrown under the bus on this one … how about the following considerations:

    – Iowa’s WRs simply weren’t that good last year. Sure, Keenan Davis has talent, however, it’s rarely a recipe for success to have an upperclassman have to learn an all-new system.

    – Iowa’s OL got hammered by injuries last year.

    – Coach Campbell possibly didn’t understand/appreciate what was being asked of him and he then didn’t teach the fundamentals of the new system adequately well to the WRs.

    – As a result of the above, Vandenberg lost a lot of confidence (both in himself and his surrounding cast) and consequently opted to shorter routes simply because those were the ones that he felt he could complete.

    Frankly, when the OL was healthy, Ferentz’s philosophy for the running game was working really darn well. It is understandable why Ferentz would want to make sure that the Hawks still integrated that core feature into the offense. Of course, on the flip-side, Davis arguably did the best he could with an O that lacked WRs that were properly taught, an OL that would protect (forgivable/understandable due to all the injuries), and a unit that lacked the personnel that matched his style of passing game.

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