Tweetcap: Ferentz Talks Some Football

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz held a rare summer press conference on Tuesday. Rare in that he hasn’t done many summer press conferences in the past. Here are some highlights with links to quotes below:

Thoughts: Not a surprise on Muulings. He never was able to speed up his delivery and just never looked consistent in the open practice opportunities we had to see him…the Powell news is certainly a concern, as the Iowa WR corps looks to be as ‘weak’ or at least unproven as it has been since the first or second year Ferentz was at Iowa. That’s saying a lot since this has been the ‘worst recruited’ position in the program for the last 15 years….running back looks to be pretty deep. Then again, never count on that.

Then there was this tweet, not related to the interview with Kirk Ferentz, from incoming freshman quarterback Nic Shimonek:

A freshman talking smack before he arrives on campus, and doing so in front of thousands of Iowa fans…entertaining to be sure. Also an example of why Kirk Ferentz has twitter off limits for his players.

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Video from Rob Howe:

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