Vegas vs the Hawkeyes

Ken Miller of 1460 KXNO passed along the following Vegas odds today on the boards…and they pertain to what Iowa’s odds would be against Florida, Alabama and USC.  The odds come courtesy of Kenny White, Las Vegas Sports Consultants.

Florida -9.5 over Iowa: The Gators as just less than a touchdown and a field goal over the Hawks on a neutral site?  Can’t argue with this one, as I don’t think the match up would be favorable.  Iowa has given up some yards to spread teams this year, but for the most part, they did well inside the redzone.  Would Tim Tebow and company be a different story?  Then again, the Gators offense has not been impressive in conference games against Tennesee, LSU and Arkansas, and Iowa has one of the 15 best overall defenses in the nation.

Alabama -7 over Iowa: I think this game would be a lower scoring slugfest, and I don’t have too much of a problem with this line.  I think the Hawks match up more favorably against Alabama, yet I rank Alabama as #1 in the nation this week on my Top 25 ballot that doesn’t matter to anyone but me.

USC -7 over Iowa on a neutral field:  There is a part of me that would really love for USC to be Iowa’s opponent in the post seasn this year.  Mainly because that would mean it would be in Pasadena.  I think the Hawks can beat this USC team.

USC -13 over Iowa in the Rose Bowl:  See what a home field can do for you?  I still like Iowa’s chances.

If I had to pick one of these three teams for Iowa to play, based on the best chance at a win, I would choose for the Hawks to play against Alabama.  I just like the style match up the best.   What do you say?  Leave your thoughts below in our comments section.  You must be a registered user of the site and logged in to leave your comments.

PS:  Here is this week’s Las Vegas Sports Consultants Top 25 Poll.  I liked these guys a lot better weeks 1 thru 5:  LINK

Las Vegas Sports Consultants – Week 8 Rankings
Rank Team Rating Last Week
1 Florida 122.1 1
2 Texas 119.6 2
3 Alabama 118.0 4
4 Southern Cal 117.9 3
5 Oklahoma 111.7 5
6 Texas Christian 111.0 10
7 Penn State 110.8 8
8 Ohio State 110.6 6
9 Boise State 110.4 9
10 Oregon 110.2 10
11 LSU 109.9 12
12 Iowa 109.5 14
12 Mississippi 109.5 14
14 Nebraska 109.3 7
15 Texas Tech 108.7 22
  • Chris

    What about an Iowa vs Boise St in the Fiesta Bowl? If we beat MSU, I think we are headed to Phoenix. Any idea on that betting line?

    The Fiesta and Sugar both lose their bowl reps in Texas and winner of the Sec (fla/bama) thus the fiesta and sugar gets first and second picks of the at large. Sugar picks loser of the bama/fl, fiesta picks Iowa who travels very well.

  • gdshawkeye09

    I agree that we match up with Alabama the best. I also think that Iowa would have a chance to beat USC this year although it looks like Barkley is getting more comfortable and looks better with each game. I also like the USC matchup because of their defense. They have a good d, but it’s not as impenetrable as their d has been in recent years.

  • Drakeguy

    I follow 2 teams-Iowa and Alabama. I have been an Iowa fan my entire life. My son went to Alabama and I have been a season ticket holder 10 years. I probably have watched every snap of both teams the last 2 years. As much as I love the Hawks, Alabama is a much better team. As solid as Iowa’s D is, Bama’s is much quicker. No way Iowa can move the ball on Bama. Bama would win by 10+ points on a neutral field. Please don’t flame me-I love the Hawks….I will be listening to the MSU game on the radio coming back from the Bama/Tenn game Sat night.

  • DYK88

    What exactly has Texas done to be a solid #2?! That’s a bunch of crap if you ask me. Nice how the Hawks somehow end up behind Penn State again…even after beating them. hah

  • Brian

    fiesta???? where’d that come from?

    If we beat MSU and go 11-1 we are going to Pasadena, because OSU is not going to beat PSU. If we lose to MSU, the Rose might get stuck with Sparty, and then we might end up anywhere.

  • MIhawk

    the top 4 can be argued and are reasonably justifiable, but how can they keep a 3 loss Oklahoma team at #5? They are also missing All-American QB and TE for the season.

    How can the still have PSU over Iowa?
    What’s so special about TCU– their victories over Clemson and Virginia? the fact that they have the word Texas in their school name?
    Why is a 2 loss tOSU team still ranked so high?

  • NorfolkNeb

    Texas will probably win out. If Nebraska beats them in the Big-12 championship game (in Dallas) all bets are off. Florida will likely play in the SEC championship game against Alabama. If Alabama wins, there is a 60% chance an undefeated Iowa team plays in the BCS championship. (Cincinatti + Boise State have a 40% chance of playing Alabama, if Florida loses.) If Florida and Teaxas both win their conference championship games, that is the BCS championship game, and Iowa goes elsewhere.

    If Iowa loses to Mich. State and Ohio State, they play in Florida against LSU, Ala, or Ole Miss. If Iowa beats Mich. State and loses one other game, they go to Rose Bowl, likely against USC.

    If Iowa goes 3-1 in their last 4 games, they are Rose Bowl Bound. USC could make the BCS championship game, but that would require a stumble by both Texas and Florida, that I doubt. That being said, let’s start debating the weakneses of USC’s O-line, D-backs, wide recievers, and Q-back.

    Please don’t converse about our chances against their running backs, Linebackers, or D-lineman. -Go-Hawks!

  • Hawkeye Thunder

    I’m a believer. I’ve seen most all the games in person, watched all the films I can. This is a team of Champions. We don’t care what Vegas says. They show us no love and still choose us as an underdog all the time. I thank them for that, so I hope they loose their shirts and everything else too during a bad Iowa snow storm. Go on, call down the Thunder Vegas.
    Go Hawks

  • rosebud24

    I would love for the Hawks to play any one of these teams. Iowa is having a great season it would be great for this program to take on any of these teams and get a win.

  • Foreverhawk

    Iowa still is going to improve tremendously before they go to any bowl. I would put them on the field with anyone by season’s end!!!

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