There have been 62 games beginning in 1922. Thirty Eight have been played at Columbus and 24 at Iowa City. The Bucks have a 29W - 8L - 1T record in Columbus. The Bucks have a 16W - 6L - 2T record in Iowa City. The series was pretty close up until 1963, when Iowa went into its worse period of football. At the end of 1962 the Bucks were 13W - 9L - 2T versus Iowa.

Iowa loss 16 in a row to the Bucks after 1962 and finally ended the loss streak in 1983. Ohio State has had the upper hand since 1983, but Iowa has been able stop their wins streaks against Iowa and many of the games have been competitive.

This will be the last regular season Iowa vs Ohio State game until at least the 2013 season and maybe not then. In 2011 and 2012 Penn State, Indiana, and Purdue will be cross division opponents. Since Purdue is the designated rival it is unsure who will replace Penn State and Indiana in 2013. Most likely Illinois and either Wisconsin or Ohio State. Illinois is likely since Iowa has not played them since 2008 and 2013 would be four years.