Hey guys, I'm back at the arena and waiting for the semis to start at 11. There are some great matchups going on right now though in the consilation semis. Boise St is wrestling Wisconsin and Cornell is going against Maryland. Some results of interest so far.

Hochstrasser dec Graff. Graff had an early 4-1 lead and I belive that the final was 6-4 Hoch.

Mike Grey (cornell) maj dec Bell (MD)

Dake (Cornell) dec Krom (MD) 5-4. Krom hit a 4 point move early and then it was all Dake from there. For those of you that haven't seen this TRUE freshman Dake yet he is special!

149 are out there right now Cornell leads MD 10-0.
Boise leads 9-3 after 149.