HawkeyeNation Hawkeye Football UPDATED HawkeyeNation.com Posting Rules (2/9/13)
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    UPDATED HawkeyeNation.com Posting Rules (2/9/13)

    Time for a Reminder as well as a few new additions. Being that this is posted and tacked to the top of this forum, the defense of 'I didn't know the rules' will not apply. Also, I admit my enforcement of some of these rules has been inconsistent. I apologize for that and endeavor to be much more consistent starting now.

    1) No calling out players. You can be critical of situations and circumstances, but posts along the lines of 'Player X Sucks' won't be tolerated. Violators may be banned

    2) No flame wars with fellow posters. Posts will be removed solely at my discretion. I won't see all of them, but when I do they will be taken down and users may be banned. This doesn't mean you can't debate, just keep away from personal attacks.

    3) Posting rumors that assault someone's character without on the record facts to support the post will be removed and the poster may be banned.

    4) Repetitive negative posting by the same user may result in that user being banned. This isn't to say criticism isn't allowed, but broken records are discouraged. We got the point the first time. Also, saying things like 'We suck' or posts to that effect will be deleted and users may be banned.

    5) Intentionally misspelling profanity so that it evades our profanity filters may result in a ban.

    6) No lewd or titillating images will be tolerated.

    7) If you would be uncomfortable posting something with your real name and identity attached to it, then you're better off not posting it at all

    8) Hijacking threads in the primary sports forums with images, attempts at humor that have little to nothing to do with the topic may result in the user being banned, at my discretion. The Off Topic and Political/Controversial Forums are there for you to do that to your heart's delight; Not the primary sports forums on this site.

    9) No Trolling on the sports forums. If you want to make sport of fooling the masses in the off topic of Pol/Con forum, have at it. On the main sports forums, I'm not interested in it. Doing so will result in the post being deleted and the user only being allowed to post in the OT or Pol/Con forum, if at all.

    The Off Topic Board & Political/Controversial boards are opt in to see & participate in. People who wish to post jokes or other off topic matters, please do so in the appropriate forum and keep the sports forums ON Topic.
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