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    If Jon Had a Vote: Week Six

    Jon doesn’t have a vote, but if he did, here is how it would look:

    1. Alabama: Two more road games: Mississippi State & Auburn
    2. Florida: Did you hear that Tim Tebow played against LSU? Gutty win at night on the bayou
    3. Texas: Oklahoma last stumbling block to 13-0 & title game
    4. Virginia Tech: DOMINANT!
    5. USC: Can do Iowa fans a favor by beating Notre Dame this week
    6. Cincinnati: had a bye
    7. Iowa: Undefeated and a lot of teams could be here, so why not Iowa?
    8. Ohio State: Get by Wisconsin 31-13 after being thoroughly outplayed at home
    9. LSU: Best defense in the nation? Perhaps. Weak offense? Definitely
    10. Boise State: had a bye
    11. Miami: Dominant against first non-ranked opponent of the year
    12. Oregon: Nice road win at UCLA; Boise State loves this team
    13. BYU: Rolling it up out west
    14. Oklahoma: Can still make BCS, but MUST win this week vs Texas
    15. Oklahoma State: Solid road win at A&M without Bryant & Hunter
    16. Georgia Tech: 49 points at Florida State!
    17. TCU: Unimpressive three-point win vs Air Force
    18. Penn State: Did what they should have done first three weeks, vs E. Illinois
    19. Nebraska: Down 12-0 in driving rain in 4th quarter at Mizzou; very good win
    20. Wisconsin: I was impressed with them in defeat in the Shoe
    21. Kansas: Allowed over 500 yards and nearly 30 first downs at home to Iowa State
    22. South Carolina: Two point win at home vs Kentucky? Can’t figure these guys out
    23. Houston: Very nice bounce back road win at Mississippi State
    24. South Florida: had a bye
    25. Notre Dame: had a bye; can’t believe I am typing this, but GO TROJANS!
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    Re: If Jon Had a Vote: Week Six

    Why do you hate on Notre Dame so much?
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