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    Iowa Hawkeye 2012 preview

    Iowa Hawkeyes 2012 College Football Preview: Steve's Big Ten Analysis Sports Chat Place

    From article:

    2012 Iowa Hawkeyes Outlook:

    The Iowa Hawkeyes definitely don't have top talent in the Big Ten this season, not even in the Legends division, however Iowa's schedule is favorable. The Hawkeyes have just two road games this season, traveling to Michigan and Michigan State, but Iowa gets the Huskers at home, and Iowa has the benefit of avoiding the Badgers and Buckeyes in 2012.
    I am predicting a 8-4 season for the Hawkeyes in 2012.
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    Re: Iowa Hawkeye 2012 preview

    This team is going to have a season a lot like the 2010 version of MSU because of the favorable schedule. The Hawks are also going to get spanked on the road, much like when we took Sparty to the woodshed in 2010, probably in the big house as Denard gets his revenge. I think MSU is going to be a lot closer than many think because Cousins is gone.

    I assume that the Wolverines and Spartans are the "two road games this season" mentioned. And they think we won't have problems @ NW??
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    Re: Iowa Hawkeye 2012 preview

    pretty sure IU and NW are still considered road games, regardless of how few fans they have in the stands....
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