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    Rothstein Files: 5 questions entering the B1G

    Rothstein Files: Big Ten Offseason Notebook « CBS New York

    From article:


    It all depends on Mike Gesell. If the 6-1 freshman is ready to take the baton and run this team from day one, the Hawkeyes have all the ingredients to make a run at the NCAA Tournament. Gesell and 7-foot freshman big man Adam Woodbury will likely start for Fran McCaffery’s team, who posts one of the Big Ten’s most versatile front courts with Melsahn Basabe, Aaron White, and Zach McCabe. Keep an eye on Devyn Marble. The 6-6 junior is skilled enough to play lead guard in certain situations and could be the most talented all-around player in Iowa’s program. If Marble’s game continues to rise, the Hawkeyes will continue to be on an upward trajectory in the Big Ten and beyond.

    7. IOWA

    THE SKINNY: Freshman point guard Mike Gesell will be the key if the Hawkeyes are to qualify for the NCAA Tournament.
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    Re: Rothstein Files: 5 questions entering the B1G

    Thanks for posting this , it's a nice read.
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    Re: Rothstein Files: 5 questions entering the B1G

    Good read.

    My answers to Rothstein's questions:

    1. No.
    2. Poorly at first, better by the end of the season.
    3. Yes.
    4. No.
    5. Purdue.
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