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    List of AAU schools by conference

    Since you can't stop the freight train of expansion talk, and the question of AAU membership is closely linked to all of this, I thought it would be useful to organize the list of AAU schools with major football programs by conference.

    Thanks are due to Chancellor Palpatine, whose link to the AAU site in another thread gave me the idea to do this.

    Big Ten
    All 11 schools are AAU members.

    Big XII
    Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas, Mizzou, Nebraska, Texas, Texas A&M

    Big East
    Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse

    Pac 10
    Arizona, Cal, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Washington

    Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia

    Florida, Vanderbilt

    Buffalo, Rice, Tulane

    If a school is not on this list, its candidacy for Big Ten expansion diminishes dramatically. However the Big Ten's continued interest in non-AAU member Notre Dame shows that this is not an absolute litmus test for conference officials.
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    Re: List of AAU schools by conference

    Good job. That will make things clearer for a lot of people.

    I have been saying for a awhile that I see Nebby, Mizzou, Kansas, Maryland, Virginia, and Rutgers as the best fits. This also makes the ACC schools look a little more realistic. They could loose Maryland and Virginia to us and pick up Syracuse and Pitt to take their place as AAU members.

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    Re: List of AAU schools by conference

    Good, my young apprentice. Now, take that list, and look at US News' list of best colleges. Best Colleges - Education - US News and World Report Remember to think like a Big Ten president:

    4 Stanford
    10 Duke
    17 Rice
    17 Vanderbilt
    21 Cal
    24 UCLA
    24 Virginia
    26 USC
    28 North Carolina
    35 Georgia Tech
    42 Washington
    47 Florida
    47 Texas
    50 Tulane
    53 Maryland
    56 Pitt
    58 Syracuse
    61 Texas A&M
    66 Rutgers
    77 Colorado
    88 Iowa State
    96 Kansas
    96 Nebraska
    102 Arizona
    102 Mizzou
    115 Oregon
    121 Buffalo
    Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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    Re: List of AAU schools by conference

    1. Membership in the AAU is NOT a requirement to be in the Big 10.

    2. Not being in the AAU wasn't a problem in inviting Notre Dame in 1999, so why would it be a problem now?

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    Re: List of AAU schools by conference

    Is a better fit a higher ranked institution Pitt/Syracuse or a Big State University Mizzou, Nebby, Kansas?

    Also, what does Syracuse get counted as? Is it a City school ala Pitt, Cincy, Louisville, or us it the Big state school of New York?

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    Re: List of AAU schools by conference

    The big ten is nearly (Northwestern) all massive state schools with huge enrollments. And currently all schools are AAU members. So Notre Dame is perfect.

    I've been to a bunch of different campuses. I'd say Columbus is the most urban campus in the Big Ten and it doesn't even compare to a school like Pitt. While Syracuse is barely urban and yet manages to pull off that old ivy league'esque vibe.

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    Re: List of AAU schools by conference

    83Hawk, look at the Emperor's link. ND is ranked 20th in the country. Also, the Big Ten can sweeten it's offer to bring in Notre Dame by getting all of the universities on board to help it get fast-tracked for AAU status. The ND academics would do back flips.


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