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    Gamewatch St Joe or KC

    Bro-in-law would like to know if there are notable bars/restaurants with Hawk viewing in either community. Preferably St. Joe, or KC in Westport district.

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    Re: Gamewatch St Joe or KC

    I dont know of any in St Joe but I know some Hawkeye fans there...in KC, the Other Place in Overland Park. Dont know of anything in Westport.

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    Re: Gamewatch St Joe or KC

    Prolly not much in St. Blow- maybe Belt Brewing Co. Have him check out the KC i-club site:

    The OP in Overland Park is a GREAT place to watch but pretty much have to be there in line before it opens. OP in Olathe will sometimes put a crap Big 12 game on audio instead of hawks. Also, Minsky's in the River Market will usually put it on.


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