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    Any doctors out there?

    So Beatty had a lisfranc fracture. What is that and how likely is he to be back by March for the Big Ten tourney?

    Guessing he had surgery for the same reason Stanzi did. More predictable to recover with the surgery maybe, or is surgery necessary for that injury?

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    Re: Any doctors out there?

    Not a doctor, but I play one online:
    Lisfranc fracture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: Any doctors out there?

    Wow, after reading that I have my doubts about him being ready in March but obviously the severity of the injury has everything to do with that.

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    Re: Any doctors out there?

    I should be one in 4-5 years, going back to school starting the 11th.

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    Re: Any doctors out there?

    A Lisfranc fracture/dislocation is a tough injury to have. It takes a minimum of 6 weeks to recover (non-weightbearing). It can even be 10 weeks of non-weightbearing depending on severity and type of surgery done. Be surprised if he comes back this year. Is really important to give it adequate time to heal because if this type of fracture doesn't heal correctly then you have a lifetime of painful walking. If it is a simple fracture without dislocation, then the recovery time can be quicker, but we are still talking 4-6 weeks of being in a cast.

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    Re: Any doctors out there?

    What is the possibility of a medical redshirt year? If I'm not mistaken the rule is wrestling in less then 30% of your teams matches prior to your injury, and with the bulk of the dual schedule (and duals this weekend) he should still be under that cap, correct?

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    Re: Any doctors out there?

    Thanks Dutchfan. This injury sidelined several NFL players for the remainder of their seasons and some had the injury mid-season, which is why I asked. A lifetime of painful walking is not worth coming back for. Let's hope there is no dislocation.


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