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    Scheduling: Imagine a world of relevant games

    College football scheduling: Imagine a world of relevant games | Berry Tramel's Blog

    I understand why schools go with easy non-conference schedules. I was just reading this for fun and it would be nice to see more top quality matches. Here's from the article:

    College football schedule has become an abomination, with so many schools scheduling automatic victories, for reasons both financial and competitive. They need extra home games to pad the budget and extra victories to pad the post-season resume.

    This is not the way it used to be. Thirty years ago, few self-respecting college football program would schedule a game against an opponent from a lower classification. Now, itís common.

    So I decided to imagine a world in which men were men. A college football world in which teams did not schedule exhibitions against Division I-AA opponents. I went through the tentative 2012 schedule, found all the games matching major-conference foes against I-AA foes, and rescheduled. For grins, I even threw in a neutral site that could host the game, since that would cushion the blow of not getting an automatic home win.

    During week 3 he has Iowa:

    Oregon vs. Iowa at Chicago: The Ducks play Tennessee Tech, the Hawkeyes play Northern Iowa. Oregon has an atypical soft non-conference schedule; the Ducks usually are better than that. So go out to the Midwest and make the Pac 12/Big Ten marriage stronger.

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    Re: Scheduling: Imagine a world of relevant games

    It's a dog eat dog world, Woody...and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear...~Norm Peterson

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    Re: Scheduling: Imagine a world of relevant games

    Quote Originally Posted by HawkeyeShane View Post

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    Re: Scheduling: Imagine a world of relevant games

    Further, Here's a good article (of similar nature, but more about TV revenue) from the Pac12's point of view:
    Head of the Pac - Businessweek

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    Re: Scheduling: Imagine a world of relevant games

    I didn't take too much time on the links. But at 30,000 feet, and very generally, I'd have to say the Big 10 needs to schedule stronger non-conference opponents, and win those games.

    Iowa included.


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