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Thread: Thorn to 125

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    Thorn to 125

    Internetwrestle has a Q&A and has stated that Minnesota's Mike Thorn is heading down to 125 next year. If he can make weight might be a good challenge for McD!

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    Re: Thorn to 125

    Thats David Thorn that will make the cut not Mike. Minnesota has a hole at 125 with the exit of Sanders not a bad choice for little Thorn IMO. Oh and he will not be a threat to McD.

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    Re: Thorn to 125

    yea not worried one bit MCD is a machine he does push ups during class

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    Re: Thorn to 125

    I heard MCD has been shooting td's into the Gabronze since it went up...and has been trying to tackle Nile for the last 3 years...

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    Re: Thorn to 125

    That will be one heck of a cut. He was a good sized 33lber.

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    Re: Thorn to 125

    Talked to Matt the other day. He's pretty shook up knowing thorn is dropping to 125#.

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    Re: Thorn to 125

    Needle to 140
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