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    2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    BTN for those that want to relive the heartbreak of that game.
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    This one is for you Vin/GoG/Scorp...

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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    **** Terrelle Pryor, and his stupid, fast legs.

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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    We all know why we're really watching this right now. Vandys mom
    Originally Posted by JonDMiller
    Look, I didn't even play for Iowa during the Lickliter era, and it was so painful that I wanted to move back in with my parents.

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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    See the dude dressed in all gold in row 400 of the upper deck? Yeah that was me.

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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    Let's play for OT!

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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    Quote Originally Posted by BradBanks02 View Post
    Let's play for OT!
    When people ***** about Ferentz I call them bad names, because although he's made mistakes I think he's done well overall.

    But that was a stupid coaching mistake I'll never forget. AArrgghh..
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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    Quite possibly the best game I've ever seen Iowa lose. Just an unreal atmosphere...i was a little upset about playing for OT...but thats kirk....and jimmy t. I didnt even feel down really after that game....that team could have laid down in the shoe that day and they didnt.

    Lesson learned someone I know left our seats and said he would meet us at a bar after we went down 27-14 or something.......he still kicks himself for leaving....

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    Re: 2009 Iowa v tOSU on now...

    Does the end change?


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