Greenwood auction — Item(s) No. 5, the Big Finale | TheGazette

If someone could post picture, it wont work from my phone for some reason. Pretty sweet. From article:

Today’s item is a print of Iowa kicker Rob Houghtlin before he made the game-winning field goal to lift No. 1 Iowa over No. 2 Michigan at Kinnick Stadium in 1985.

You remember it. It’s a drawing of a photo of Houghtlin minutes before the kick, with the word “Faith” underneath. ALSO, there’s a No. 7 jersey signed by Houghtlin!

More on the print:*It is a canvas print (considerably more value). Also, it’s 1418 and there are only about five of them out there.

This is a donation from Sean Thompson, who is Thompson Graphics. You’ve seen his drawings on my blog and anywhere there’s an Iowa gathering. He’s donated a lot of time and energy to many causes Hawkeye, including the Brett Greenwood Foundation. Thanks so much, Sean (@Hawkart_Sean on Twitter)! You are a generous and large-hearted man!