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    Cubs Tickets - August 31st Hawkeye Weekend

    Anyone interested in sitting in a block of Hawkeye fans at Wrigley Field?

    I'm going to put in an order for group tickets next week. I'm going to request the 200 level outfield and will request a low row. I'll make sure they are full view seats and no obstructions.

    Sure, there will be cheaper options out there. But if you want to sit in a group of Hawk fans, let me know how many tickets you want.
    Price will likely be around $30 a ticket, give or take a few bucks. All depends on the seat location.

    You don't have to pay a dime until the tickets are in my hands. I have sold (and bought) from this site plenty of times without any problems.

    Post below if you would be interested in this.

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    Re: Cubs Tickets - August 31st Hawkeye Weekend

    Nobody interested? I have a handful of people going, but would like to have a block of black and gold at Wrigley, instead of scattered around the stadium.
    Last chance before I place the order!


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