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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    Good, maybe rbhg sees that iowa is a clean program, and that OSU didnt get a good enough ban.

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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    Let me know when everyone gets taken out except for a walkon or a couple of freshmen.

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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    a title like that is not cool.

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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    Don't tempt him...
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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    rbhg strikes again!

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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackout View Post
    rbhg strikes again!
    he is busy hanging out in Georgia

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    Re:RBHG strikes again

    Is He migratory or vacationing ?

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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    OSU does not have a RBHG. This is isolated.

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    Re: RBHG strikes again

    Quote Originally Posted by gohawkz View Post
    a title like that is not cool.

    No kidding. A big knot formed in my intestines when I saw that. I'm like, who went down this time.
    Iím fresh out of smart *** remarks for now.


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