Thread: Iowa wins B!G

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    Iowa wins B!G

    in NCAA 13' simulation. JVB is also invited to NY for Heisman candidate. Here's the link to how all the simulations went for each conference.
    The 2012 season according to NCAA Football 13 -

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    Re: Iowa wins B!G

    Crap...we still lose the Rose Bowl?
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    Re: Iowa wins B!G

    My simulation, iowa won the national championship against south carolina, 24-14 and canzeri won the heisman haha. Every game iowa won, they won by less then 7. So prepare for a exciting, grey hair turning season!

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    Re:Iowa wins B!G

    I hate USC.

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    Re: Iowa wins B!G

    I liked the part when it said Kansas finished about Iowa State. That part of the article seems realistic.


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