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    Help Support HawkeyeNation

    Since October 19th of 2009, HawkeyeNation.com has been a free website for all users. My plan is to keep it free and I have employed a variety of advertising strategies during the course of the past three-plus years to cover the costs of the site as well as pay some personal bills since so much of my time is devoted to HawkeyeNation.com

    For the most part, it has worked well. As of late, given the changes in the economy as well as the rapidly changing consumption habits of users (migration to mobile devices), the challenges have been greater.

    Over the past three years, several site users have approached me asking if I would consider having a 'Donate to HawkeyeNation.com' type of option as they enjoy the site and wanted to 'help out'. While I thanked them for the thought, I wanted to give it a go on my own as long as I could. Several large websites (mgoblog, ndnation & other large communities) have had donation campaigns and they've suggested I allow users the chance to support something they enjoy.

    While I have resisted this route for the past three years, I am now at the point where offering the donation option makes sense as I try to defray the monthly and annual operating costs in a challenging economy while also trying to make additions to the site on a regular basis.

    Over the past three years I have spent over $40,000 from personal funds operating the website. The monthly costs of operating this site exceed $1,000. That doesn't include software upgrades (like the one we had this summer), design changes, additions like the Media Center and tools like the soon to be released Recruiting Database (yes, soon to be released While the advertising revenues have exceeded the costs, the profit margin is certainly growing more narrow and never was large to begin with.

    In the coming weeks, we'll also be working to reduce the number of third party ads and begin marketing affinity based opportunities that will help us generate revenues.

    My goal is to raise enough funds to offset operating costs for 2013. If everyone who visited this site donated just $10, we'd be able to cover operating costs for several years. If you want to donate $50 or $100, you could do that too. If you want to donate $500, shoot me your phone number and we'll do lunch

    If you feel so inclined, click on the DONATE to HawkeyeNation.com button below. Any amount is certainly appreciated and the process takes less than 60 seconds and is secure.

    I thank you for making HawkeyeNation.com a part of your daily online experience and I look forward to many more years of writing, commenting and interacting for and with the great Hawkeye fans.

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    Re: Help Support HawkeyeNation

    I would be willing to donate if you can do something to address issues brought up in this post http://www.hawkeyenation.com/forum/f...tting-old.html I know I have seen similar posts from time to time. I know you can not police everyone but this type of behavior is makes me frequent this site less and less.

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    Re: Help Support HawkeyeNation

    If you want to cut back on trolls and disrespectful posting then go to using actual names. Like what the register did link it to FB.


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